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Professional Event Planner: Top Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

Creating a special event, like a baby shower, can be as easy or hard as you make it. By following some simple tips from a professional event planner, you can ensure that your baby shower is flawless and perfectly executed. So, whether this is your first time planning a baby shower or you have done it before, read on for some valuable advice!

1. Games to Play at a Baby Shower

There are plenty of great games for any baby shower to play, depending on the mother-to-be's age. Here is a fun example:

  • Guess What's in the Diaper – You need unwrapped toy baby diapers and candy baby bottles for this game. Place the pieces in a pile and have each guest choose a diaper. Line up all of the guests, who are still in diapers, and have them open their diapers. Whichever candy is found first, the guest has to eat it.

2. Necessary Decor for a Baby Shower

Decorating for a baby shower can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you want it to be. A good rule is to go with simple decorations for a daytime baby shower and elaborate decorations for an evening event. Some crucial decorations for a baby shower include centerpieces, props, signage, and decor for the table.

3. Planning a Menu for a Baby Shower

Planning a menu for a baby shower can be challenging due to different people with strict diets. A simple coffee and tea station with sandwiches, fruit platters, and crudités will suffice if planning for afternoon guests. For a nighttime event, you should prepare a sit-down dinner and serve an appetizer, salad course, main meal, and dessert.

4. Baby Shower Cake

Deciding on the baby shower cake is often one of the most fun aspects of planning a baby shower. You need to consider your budget, the size of the cake to be served, and any dietary requirements (i.e., vegetarians).

5. Venue to Host a Baby Shower

When it comes to hosting a baby shower, you have plenty of venues to choose from. Generally, someone's home or your local community center makes for a great location. If you can, pick a venue that has ample space to host the number of guests you are expecting.

6. Guest List

Create a guest list for your baby shower using your contact list, or ask the primary guest if any family friends may like to attend. Include the guest's name, their relation to the baby shower host or mother-to-be, and their address.

7. Invitations to Send Out

First, you should confirm the date and time of your event and where to RSVP. Second, you should generate your invitations, including a list of games to play and food/beverages to expect at the event. Lastly, you should include any essential information that the guests need to know, such as attire or driving directions.

Planning a baby shower doesn't have to be complicated. Remember, this event is for the mother-to-be, and it should be simple, memorable, and fun. So, create a guest list, pick invitations, and send them out to your guests. Once received, start planning the games and activities for your event, considering the tips above.

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